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Thriving Micro-Living Model
Erika Heet, dwell.com

Published as: Little by Little

It was the mid­dle of the aughts when Wood­bury Uni­ver­si­ty pro­fes­sor Hec­tor Perez ral­lied a group of archi­tects to pool their resources and buy nine lots in the his­toric Bar­rio Logan neigh­bor­hood…

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Energy-Efficient Industrial Loft With French Flair


Chic Industrial Loft in Portland

Combing two styles can be a hit and miss but in this “New York loft living style” home in Portland, Oregon, the blend of raw industrial and the elegance of French chic have blended seamlessly to create a home jam pack full of character and class. On top of looking great it is a net zero-energy loft meaning it generates the energy it consumes — making the world better one beautiful home at a time.

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PACO | schemata Jo Nagasaka & Daisuke Motogi via archello

PACO is a multilevel 3m x 3m x 3m cube with tatami flooring, opening roof with skylight, rear door, kitchen, wet-bath with toilet. The design project attempts to incorporate all necessities within 3m cubed.